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  • Primeval Single Ignition 398 Shots

    Duration: 135 seconds         

    Shots: 398            


    PRIMEVAL! – A Huge 398 shot compound firework from Brothers pyrotechnics. This monster of a firework has 4 barrages linked together to make this amazing show piece with huge colourful bursts and very loud noise.

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  • Maximum Impact 180 Shot Single Ignition

    Duration: 120 seconds         

    Shots: 180            


    The Ultimate Firework, The Firework of Fireworks, the Daddy of them All! Almost 2 minutes of perfectly timed shots producing an incredible array of effects. Part 1: (Straight Firing) Green Comets Blasting into Green Coconuts with Pistil with Red Strobe, Blue Comets Exploding into Blue Pearls with Stunning Golden Strobe Willows, Silver Comets Producing Golden Willows with Silver Strobes, Yellow Comets Producing Silver & Red Coconuts with Blue Pearls, Red Comets Spreading into Time Rain Willow with Blue Pearls. Part 2: (Straight Firing) Red Comets Bursting into Blue Pearls with Red Tipped White Willows, Blue Comets Producing Contrasting Purple & Green Coconuts with a Crackling Effect, Red Comets Exploding into Red Tipped Brocade Crowns with Blue Pearls, Red Comets Spreading into King Spiders with Ruby Red Strobes, Crackling Tailed Comets Bursting Loud Crackling Chrysanthemums. Part 3: (Mixture of ‘C’ Shape Fan & Straight Firing) Silver Spinners Breaking into Wide Bursts of Silver Strobes with Red & Blue Pearls, Silver Spinners Breaking into Golden Strobes with Purple & Green Pearls, Red Comets Spreading into King Spiders with Red & Blue Pearls, Silver Spinners Exploding into Wide Bursts of Silver Strobes with Blue & Purple Pearls, Red Comets Producing Red & Green Dahlias with a Crackling Chrsyanthemum. Part 4: (Mixture of ‘C’ Shape Fan and Straight Firing) Golden Comets Bursting into Golden Time Rain with Blue Pearls, Golden Comets Exploding into Golden Time Rain with Deep Red Pearls, Blue Comets Spreading into Wide Brocade Crowns with Blue Pearls, Red Comets Producing Red Tipped Coconuts with White Strobes, Silver Tailed Comets Bursting into Loud Crackling Chrysanthemums.

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  • British Celebration 292 Shot Single Ignition

    Duration: 110 seconds         

    Shots: 292            


    Celebrate the best of British with this incredible 4 part compound barrage. Part 1: 64 shots of crackling mines to purple and green stars with crackling. Part 2: 64 shots of 25mm red strobe with red strobe, gold brocade mines to gold brocades with red glitter mine, green strobe with green strobe mine, gold strobe with gold strobe mine and white strobe with white strobe mine. Part 3: 100 shot of 20mm whistling serpents that burst to silver strobe crackling stars. Part 4:64 shots of 25mm gold brocade mines to gold brocades with red glitter.

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  • Regal Single Ignition 131 Shots

    Duration: 100 seconds         

    Shots: 131            


    4 pre-fused cakes with one ignition.

    A stunning cake offering a good arrangement of firing fan patterns, starting quietly with mines and fish through to noisier lasi, spider and coconut bursts, finishing with a golden two tier mine and brocade crown V shaped finale.

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  • Apollo's Stars 90 Shots

    Duration: 30 seconds         

    Shots: 90            


    A fan arrangement offering a range of differing colours that split into glittering and crackling bursts.

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  • Treasure Chest 100 Shots

    Duration: 60 seconds         

    Shots: 100            


    A long lasting cake for its size, of numerous effect sequences which gives real value for money.

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  • Dark Angel 100 Shots

    Duration: 77 seconds         

    Shots: 100            


    Dark Angel by Brothers Pyrotechnics is a large 100 shot firework with extremely loud noise. It has very nice red and green bursts, but the noise produced is definitely a shocker.

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  • Warpath 100 Shots

    Duration: 30 seconds         

    Shots: 100            


    The WARPATH is a high octane firework is an affordable offering which provides 100 shots. Great option if you are looking for a loud display.

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  • Hercules Mini 107 Shots

    Duration: 55 seconds         

    Shots: 107            


    All the performance, half the packaging! That would be the best description of the awesome Hercules Mini barrage! In a package that is half the size of the regular one, it packs 107 shots of pure joy! This is often the favourite item to all the people who decided to give it a try! Once unleashed, it will bring some true magic to your bonfire night!

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