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The Godfather Single Ignition Display - Collection Only
LOUDNESS This is the level of loudness rated for this firework from 1 to 5, 1 being quiet & 5 being LOUDEST!
25m SAFETY DISTANCE This defines the minimum safety distance in meters.
1.4 CLASSIFICATION 1.4 is the classification for consumer fireworks sold in the UK.

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Fireworks - Zb7kLrh
DURATION 240 seconds approx
VISUAL EFFECT(S) Aerial, Finale
COLOUR(S) Blue  Gold  Pink  Purple  Red  Silver

This has been especially designed for your big day / celebration, with a multitude of effects and duration that your guests will remember for years to come. Now that you have made the 'Commitment' sit back and enjoy as we show you the future. Three fireworks displays packaged as one, three fuses can be connected to have a continues display. You tube video 2 has the full instructions of connecting the fuses. Available to collect now.

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