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LOUDNESS This is the level of loudness rated for this firework from 1 to 5, 1 being quiet & 5 being LOUDEST!
25m SAFETY DISTANCE This defines the minimum safety distance in meters.
1.4 CLASSIFICATION 1.4 is the classification for consumer fireworks sold in the UK.

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Fireworks - cPvtZZV
DURATION 40 mins
VISUAL EFFECT(S) Aerial, Barrage, Brocade, Cake, Chrysanthemum, Comet, Cone, Crackle, Crossette, Finale, Flying Fish, Fountain, Mine, Missile, Palm Tree, Peony, Rocket, Roman Candle, Wheel
COLOUR(S) Blue  Gold  Green  Pink  Red  Silver
This is specially tailored for the pubs and clubs and their audience. This massive pack allows you to organise a fireworks display that will impress your guests so much that they will not even think of going elsewhere! It brings pretty much everything from spectacular barrages, over incredible compound cakes, to high noise rockets! The package contains: - 4 Dimension x 1 - 4 King Marvelous x 1 - Hercules x 1 - Fire One x 1 -Real Steel x 1 -Airboss x 1 -Nuclear Demolition x 1 -OMG x 1 -Vendetta x 1 - 3 Pronged Attack x 1 -Theatre of Dreams x 1 -Diamond Princess x 1 -Distant Thunder x1 -Massacre x 1 -Container Load x 1 Grand Slam x 1! This is pretty much enough explosives to do your own professional display!

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