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Loud Fireworks

We have added some great new fireworks from low noise to the loudest we could find on the market, we are always up to date with the new fireworks year on year and we think we have found the best on offer. If you’re looking for a fireworks display with mostly loud noisy bangs and bursts, the best range is to look at the large single ignitions and large rockets.

Single ignitions are the greatest fireworks to use for the finale to your display and offer loud thunderous bursts that fill the sky with all your favourite effects. Rockets are now manufactured superbly and we are so excited to sell the new range of the loudest rockets we have ever seen.

We at  fireworks arcade love loud displays and we think it’s worth the extra spend. The bigger the display usually means the louder the display, we have a great selection of fireworks that would perform loud bursts, crossettes, palms, chrysanthemums, peony, and much much more. The noise from crackles, hummers and whistle with very loud screeching will make your display the best it can be all in the comfort of your back garden.

All our fireworks are safe for use by the consumer and always remember to keep your distance at all times, use port fires rather than lighters or matches and never let children light the fireworks. Stand back and enjoy your display to the louder the better we say!

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