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SKU CODE:  HE66215
LOUDNESS This is the level of loudness rated for this firework from 1 to 5, 1 being quiet & 5 being LOUDEST!
25m SAFETY DISTANCE This defines the minimum safety distance in meters.
1.4 CLASSIFICATION 1.4 is the classification for consumer fireworks sold in the UK.

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Fireworks - ATDhUYr
DURATION 15 mins
VISUAL EFFECT(S) Aerial, Barrage, Brocade, Cake, Chrysanthemum, Comet, Cone, Crackle, Crossette, Finale, Flying Fish, Fountain, Mine, Missile, Palm Tree, Peony, Rocket, Roman Candle, Wheel
COLOUR(S) Blue  Gold  Green  Pink  Red
All those who are nuts about the barrages and want to get a huge bonfire night will be simply thrilled with the Heist barrage pack. At a pretty much incredible price, this pack features one 50-shots barrage, four 25-shot barrages, two 16-shot barrages, and six 12-shot barrages! This is more than enough to organise a completely amazing fireworks party that will be seen and heard far and wide! It is a barrage pack that provides incredible value for the money invested!

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