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Traditional Easter Celebrations in Florence - Blog Post

Courtesy – http://toomuchtuscany.com

When you are in Italy for Easter, the first thing which you will notice missing is the Easter bunny. Italy celebrates Easter with its own traditional rituals. Here the day before Easter you can see numerous masses and solemn processions. People are dressed in traditional attire and olive branches are carried in the procession. Yes another difference, instead of palm fronds they use olive branches. But the mood on the Easter day swings to celebrations that are colourful, loud and joyous.

In Florence, Easter is celebrated in a very unique manner. The event is called Scoppio del Carro which means explosion of the cart. A well decorated huge wagon pulled by white oxen is dragged through Florence and it is brought to its destination, Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore which is the historic centre of the city. The oxen are removed from the square and just after the mass the priest launches a dove shaped rocket along a wire from inside the cathedral. This sets off the loud fireworks held in the cart. The main attraction is the amazing Catherine wheels which spits colourful and bright sparks of light. The ceremony concludes with a parade in medieval costumes.

Maria Ereku

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