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Tips to Train Your Stressed Dog To Cope With Fireworks - Blog Post

Courtesy – http://petside.com

The festive season can be hard for pets with sensitive ears like dogs. Your dog might be suffering from what is called as a fireworks phobia. There is a way out through which you can help your beloved pet and can make it comfortable especially during the fireworks. Counter Conditioning is the name of the technique where you pick a condition where the dog acts negatively and you condition it till the moment it starts having a pleasant feeling about the stimulus. The most common thing you can use is food because dogs think that food is very special. And if your pet does not respond to food you can try out its favourite toy. Just play around teasing with the food and toys and you will come to know which works better but make sure you don’t provoke any health problems by overfeeding it.

The process goes about this way; you cut a tasty food item into very small pieces and put the sound recording of noisy firecracker for a couple of minutes. Give it the treat irrespective of how she responds. You need to continue this process for at least a week by continuing this practice every day for a week. Each time the recording is put on give it the special treat. Gradually, your dog will learn that the sound of the firecracker is a good sign for it in a way that will get it a special treat. The dog will start associating the sound with the treat. From the next week start the process by increasing the play time of the firecracker sound recording and also increase the treat to two treats in a day and continue for a month. After that try further increasing the duration of the recorded sound, if it freaks out then go back to a couple of minutes in a day and start all over again. After another month you need to lessen the frequencies. For the conditioning to stay, every week you need to give her a treat after playing the recording of firecracker sound. Cheap fireworks can be noisy and preparing your pet for the festive season helps it to get through the season more comfortably.

Though this technique is not a permanent cure to the problem but your dog might start getting comfortable during the fireworks. If this technique of classical conditioning does not work even after many months, then you should ask your veterinarian for sedatives. You can also try giving chamomile tea to your dog to drink. Another useful herb is Echinacea which is an immune stimulant.

Maria Ereku

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