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The Fireworks Season is Fast Approaching - Blog Post

The 2013 Fireworks season is fast approaching and we are getting geared up for an exciting one. We have taken all the customer feedback on board and re-launched our website with the features you all desired which we are sure will make the shopping experience so much more enjoyable.

We have added a number of features, for example, the function to allow you to filter your search by the following:

  • Safety Distance - so that you can see which fireworks are suitable for your garden based on its size.
  • Loudness -  we are often asked by customers which fireworks have a low noise level as they have pets and which are really loud.  We have labelled our really loud fireworks “Upset the Neighbours” since this is often a request we are asked.
  • Price - if you have a budget in mind we have a neat little slider where you can choose your price range.
  • Colour – customers are often telling us they want their fireworks in a certain colour.  So to make it easier for you we have added this feature to enable you to filter your search to the specific colour you desire.
  • Effect - lastly and most importantly for the firework connoisseurs out there, we now have a fireworks effects filter enabling you to filter by your favourite effect….you are welcome J!!  We have also setup a fireworks effects page which has snap shots of the effects for you to have a look at and when you are on a specific product page you will be able to see the images appear as you hover over the effect names, see below:


We have also been uploading all HD videos to our YouTube channel so you can see the fireworks in action.  Some products have multiple videos so be sure to watch all the clips when on the product pages.

We have introduced a loyalty scheme now. When you make purchases you will be awarded points. For every £1 you spend at Fireworks Arcade, you earn 1 point! 100 points equates to £1.  So if you have 500 points and decide to redeem them against an item that costs £50, you pay £45.  The points are assigned to your account so when you checkout you will be able to redeem them at your ease. You can read more information about this by clicking here.

After all purchases are made you will receive an email a few days later from eKomi, an independent reviews company asking for your feedback.  We have been receiving great reviews from you all and we thank you so much for taking the time to do this.  It also helps us a great deal to improve on our service to you guys.  If you want, have a read of the reviews we have received here link.

We have added a review section on each product page and what we would really like and greatly appreciate is, if you guys have the time, for you to add a review for the products you have purchased.  Once you have logged in you can click the button highlighted below leave a general review of the product and a star rating.


We hope you love all these additions to the site and thank you for the feedback to better ourselves. Do let us know if there is anything you spot on the site that needs adjusting or you would like to see added to the site and we will attend to it immediately.

Maria Ereku

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