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Origin of Boxing Day - Blog Post

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Boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas that is on the 26th December. It is a non-working day in the whole of Britain and is a public or bank holiday. In case Boxing day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday the following Monday is usually declared as a holiday. There are different theories that state the origin of the Boxing day.

Many believe that the practice of placing a Christmas box on a sailing ship for good luck is the origin of this tradition. When in the port a small box like container was placed on the ship and crewmen would drop some money in it to ensure a safe return. The box used to be then sealed up and kept on board for the entire voyage. When the ship used to return safely home, a priest would be handed over the box in exchange of saying a mass of thanks for the success of the voyage. The box would be kept sealed by the Priest until Christmas when it would be opened and the content would be shared with the poor.


After all the grand celebrations on Christmas with dinner, music, dance and fireworks, the tradition of sharing with the poor still continues. In some households it is customary to give small gifts or monetary tips to regular visiting trade people like the paper boy, coal man, dustman, milkman, etc.

Maria Ereku

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