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Irish Halloween Celebrations - Blog Post

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In the eighth century the festival of Halloween is believed to have started. The Catholic Church designated the first day of November as All Saints Day (All Hallows), to honour all those Saints who did not have any specific day of remembrance. Later on the night came to known as All Hallows Eve which over the time became Halloween. In Ireland it also marks the end of summer and the start of the winter season.

There are many Irish Halloween traditions that add more fun and excitement to the celebrations. Some of the most popular are the Colcannon for Dinner, The Barnbrack Cake, Carving Pumpkins, Halloween Costumes, Snap Apple and the Bonfire. Another interesting tradition is the blind date where the local girls are blindfolded and they would go out into the cabbage fields and pull out the first cabbage they find. It is said that if the roots of the cabbage has a substantial amount of earth attached to it than their future loved one would be wealthy. The taste of the cabbage would determine the nature of their future life partner – sweet or bitter!

Nowadays fireworks displays have become an integral part of the celebrations. Not only do children but also the adults equally enjoy the beautiful and colourful show.

Maria Ereku

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