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Indoor Kids Birthday Parties Can Be Fun Too - Blog Post

When it comes to kid’s birthday parties the ideal venues which come to mind are open spaces like park, backyards, kids’ poolside, etc. These venues are ideal for summer and spring where kids can play around and have fun. But during winters open places get too cold. Kids are delicate and exposure to cold for a long time can make them ill. This leaves no option but to host indoor birthday parties. Trust me if planned in a creative manner these can be equally engaging and fun for kids.


Choose a colourful theme for the party decorations. If your kid is crazy about a cartoon character then you can make that your party theme. These days you can get party packs that cover almost all the birthday supplies like cone hats, disposable forks and spoons, plates, napkins, table covers, balloons, etc. You do not have to individually shop for each item. Get creative and include some interesting indoor games too.

Give special thought to the birthday cake as that is going to be the centre of attention for the birthday boy/girl and also his/her friends. The cake should be colourful. In case you choose a carton themed birthday party you can go for a cake in the shape of the cartoon. Add a couple of birthday fireworks candle which your kid is sure to love!

Maria Ereku

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