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Fun Things To Do At Kentucky Derby Festival - Blog Post

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The Kentucky Derby Festival is a two week celebration that attracts thousands of spectators every year. The biggest attraction is the most spectacular fireworks display along with the air show and skydiving. People watch the intricate show of 60 tons of firecrackers from the boats, across the banks of the Ohio River and the terrace roof tops. This amazing display of the pyrotechnics is the largest show of the nation and is rightly named Thunder Over Louisville. In synchronization with the exploding shells a variety of music is played that makes it a treat not only for your eyes but also for your ears.

There is a complete range of carnival type food items available like hot dog, elephant ears, hamburgers, cotton candy and many more. You can enjoy the food along with beer in the various outlets and food joints. But if budget is your concern, you can simply try out the street food available on the way to and from the event. It is an opportunity for the locals to put up stalls with fireworks for sale along with food and soda stands. Locals use a lot of cheap fireworks that produce a lot of sound. If you have sensitive ears then it is advisable to carry ear buds.

In the neighbourhood, many parties and barbeques are held. During this time of the year, people are friendly enough to invite people strolling on the streets into the party. After enjoying the pyro show at the waterfront, you can simply go and join the party. You can enjoy, have fun, celebrate, drink, eat and be merry all night.

At this time of the year, especially during the illumination show, there is a huge traffic. Thousands of people leave and arrive at the same time. To view the event from the best place you can simply ride on a bicycle or take an adventurous a skateboard trip to the venue. These are faster travelling options which will help you avoid the traffic congestion.

More than 70 events are held during the Kentucky Derby Festival. Thunder Over Louisville is one of the major events that take place during this two week long community wide celebration. There are sports and art contests for people to show their skills along with various entertainment attractions. Marathons and music concerts are also organized. This festival brings excitement, fun and unmatched spirit. There are numerous fun things to do during this time of the year.

Maria Ereku

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