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Fireworks Safety Advice - Blog Post

Fireworks Arcade Safety Advice:

Fireworks Safety Advice

Our guide to staying safe when handling fireworks:

  1. Always store fireworks in its original box in a cool dry area in your home or outhouse. Don't keep the box under the stairs or in a passageway.
  2. Pets hate bangs and flashes, keep your pets inside with the curtains closed during your display. Remember it's not just your own fireworks that cause distress, so you may need to have your pets indoors on the nights when other displays are taking place.
  3. Always be prepared, follow the spectators’ distance advice on the fireworks packaging (the distance varies from 8m to 25m depending on the firework) and have a full bucket of water handy for emergencies and for used sparklers. If you have the chance to get together with family and friends, try to go to the house with the biggest garden and the safest surroundings. Never place fireworks directly under overhanging trees.
  4. Never wear loose clothing when operating fireworks especially long scarves. If your clothing is set alight STOP, DONT RUN, DROP TO THE GROUND AND ROLLOVER TO PUT OUT THE FLAME OUT.
  5. You have to be 18 and over to use fireworks; adults should be responsible when igniting fireworks and children should never be allowed to ignite fuses. If a fuse does not ignite don’t go back to it, as it could be live and go off unexpectedly.  At the end of your evening douse the 'dud' with lots of water.
  6. Do you really need a bonfire? It’s much safer without one, but if you do insist please make sure it is away from the house, trees, hedges, fences and sheds. Never use a flammable liquid like petrol or paraffin to get one going. If lighting your bonfire is difficult, use only domestic fire lighters to help. Check very carefully that there's no animal (or even a young child) hidden inside the bonfire. Don't light it until after all your fireworks have been let off. Keep everyone at a safe distance from the bonfire and don't allow anyone to throw anything onto it.
  7. All fireworks have different hazards.  Please always read instructions carefully before starting your display. Rockets for instance, should be launched from a rocket launch tube, not from a bottle.
  8. No fooling around! Throwing fireworks is so dangerous and illegal. It’s a criminal offence to do so in the street and the maximum penalty is £5000. Fireworks CANNOT be set off after 11.00pm, except on Bonfire Night when this is extended until midnight and New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year until 1.00am.
  9. Fireworks and alcohol don’t mix! Please consider drinking after your display is over.
  10. Keep children well away from fireworks, and never let a child handle one or light one. Even sparklers can be dangerous if unsupervised. Make sure that children are aware of the dangers.

Maria Ereku

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