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General Questions

  • Useful Photography Tips For Pyrotechnics
    Courtesy – http://community.mis.temple.edu

    If you know the basic things about photography for the Pyrotechnics display in the night sky, then now is the time to move one level up. Here are some useful tips and hints that can help you get perfect photographs of stunning fireworks.

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  • Tips to Train Your Stressed Dog To Cope With Fireworks
    Courtesy – http://petside.com

    The festive season can be hard for pets with sensitive ears like dogs. Your dog might be suffering from what is called as a fireworks phobia. There is a way out through which you can help your beloved pet and can make it comfortable especially during the fireworks. Counter Conditioning is the name of the technique where you pick a condition where the dog acts negatively and you condition it till the moment it starts having a pleasant feeling about the stimulus. The most common thing you can use is food because dogs think that food is very special. And if your pet does not respond to food you can try out its favourite toy. Just play around teasing with the food and toys and you will come to know which works better but make sure you don’t provoke any health problems by overfeeding it.

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  • How To Make Your Special Occasion Unforgettable?
    Courtesy – http://mashalloyd.blogspot.com

    Everyone wishes to celebrate the special occasions in their lives in a unique and unforgettable manner. The occasion can be anything from birthday, wedding, anniversaries, birth of a baby to promotions. One unique way to make your special occasion more special can be by arranging a fireworks show. It can be very appealing in the sense it turns out to be magical whether it is a large gathering or a small one. People would definitely remember the display for a long time and your effort would be worth it. These spectacular illuminations would add a special zing to these parties and fun events and this is what everyone wants.

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  • Origin of Boxing Day
    Courtesy – http://party.lovetoknow.com

    Boxing day is celebrated the day after Christmas that is on the 26th December. It is a non-working day in the whole of Britain and is a public or bank holiday. In case Boxing day falls on a Saturday or a Sunday the following Monday is usually declared as a holiday. There are different theories that state the origin of the Boxing day.

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  • How to Have a Safe Fireworks Party?
    Courtesy – http://east-ayrshire.gov.uk

    Right from children to adults everybody equally enjoys a fireworks display. Everybody very eagerly waits for events like the 4th of July, Bonfire Night, Christmas, Weddings, New Year’s Eve, etc. when the sky is lit up in beautiful and gorgeous patterns of light. These things of delight if not handled carefully can cause dangerous burns and also fire that can be life threatening for nearby people. Precaution is always better than cure. Here are a few safety measures you should take to ensure the safety of all in a firecracker party.

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  • Tips to Buy Fireworks Online

    The festive season gives us a chance to lay back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. All around the globe there are some basic festivities that mark any celebration. From Bonfire Night in commonwealth nations to Diwali in India, festivals around the world involve fireworks. The global appeal of these recreational explosives lies in their ability to bring joy and revelry to any celebration. Like most commodities today, these are available for purchase over the internet too. However there are some things which you must keep in mind when you decide to buy fireworks online.
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  • Where to Get Best Fireworks for Sale?

    Fireworks are the most popular and awaited part of a festive celebration. There is a huge range of these recreational explosives available in the market. The diversity in the range is matched equally by the diversity in quality of the products. While some top retailers sell some of the safest and most beautiful firecrackers, others sell cheap fireworks and often compromise on the quality and safety of the product. It is thus very important to be careful about where you are making your purchase when you decide to buy fireworks.

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  • Buy fireworks online no minimum order

    We are often asked what is your minimum order, we do not have a minimum order you can spend what you like! There is however a delivery charge there are two options £18 (3-5 days) or £25 (1-2 days). If you want to avoid the charge you can come and collect from our shop located at 102 East Barnet Road New Barnet London EN4 8RE.

    Visit our online shop by clicking here, if you have any questions or need advice please email us on sales@fireworkarcade.com or call 020 8441 9427.

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