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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Fireworks Community

    Who loves fireworks?  We definitely do.  Ours might be more of an obsession than a love.  But hey there is nothing wrong with having a little obsession here and there!

    So to share our love of fireworks we have created a Google Plus Fireworks Community page all about..you guessed it..fireworks!  Our own little community where we can all share our love of fireworks.

    Come join us today by clicking the link https://plus.google.com/communities/113359160932244768094   and share your videos and images with us and comment and have discussions all about fireworks.

    We have had some great posts so far so be sure to check out the awesome pictures and videos that have been posted by fellow fireworks lovers from all over the world. Check this amazing video posted by Kurt van Hooff.

    Maria Ereku

  • Indoor Fireworks

    We all know that the weather in the UK can be a bit temperamental to say the least so if you are thinking of having a party but are not sure whether the weather will hold out or spoil your fun, then fret not!  We have a great selection of indoor fireworks and party products to ensure your party celebrations can go ahead with a bang.  Whether it be a birthday party, wedding, christening or a celebration ‘just because’, our great range of indoor fireworks are perfect for any celebration.

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