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£150 FA Pack
SKU CODE:  3000
LOUDNESS This is the level of loudness rated for this firework from 1 to 5, 1 being quiet & 5 being LOUDEST!
25m SAFETY DISTANCE This defines the minimum safety distance in meters.
1.4 CLASSIFICATION 1.4 is the classification for consumer fireworks sold in the UK.

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Fireworks - FXHx2IF
DURATION 15 mins
VISUAL EFFECT(S) Aerial, Barrage, Brocade, Cake, Chrysanthemum, Comet, Cone, Crackle, Crossette, Finale, Flying Fish, Fountain, Mine, Missile, Palm Tree, Peony, Rocket, Roman Candle, Wheel
COLOUR(S) Blue  Gold  Green  Pink  Red
£180 FA fireworks pack has pretty much a bit of everything we’ve got to offer in it. It is a mix of fountains, barrages, rockets, and roman candles and is ideal for small firework displays and smaller parties. It is also ideal as a way to sample our fireworks. If you are looking for really cheap fireworks online, this should be your first choice! The package contains: -Blast Off x 1, -Rocking Robots x 1, -Seismic Blast x 1, -Nutty Carnival x 1, -Wolf in Sheep's Clothing x 1, -Bonfire Celebration.

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